Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out

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Offers a glimpse into the world of individuals living with Alzheimer's disease. The author, who was diagnosed at age 58, shares his account of his slow transformation and deterioration. Addresses complexity and emotions surrounding issues such as the loss of independence, unwanted personality shifts, struggle to communicate, and more. Softcover. more

Inside Alzheimer’s

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We have long underestimated the person who has dementia. Each one's ability to reach out in familiar ways certainly diminishes yet he or she is always able to experience the deep benefits that come from being in vital relationship with others. Inside Alzheimer's tells how dozens of persons with dementia and their sharing of wisdom, humor and life's teachings led Ms. Pearce to the six basic principles of connection--how one person connects with another: Intend a connection, Free yourself of judgment, Love, Open to receive love, Silence and Thankfulness. Internalizing these principles has empowered hundreds of family, friends, and professionals to create moments of connection with persons, regardless of how advanced the dementia, and to co-create a more supportive community of care.
Inside Alzheimer s was revised to address the dramatic need to simultaneously provide a compassionate community of care for the one person who does not have any time or energy left to even pick up a book the frequently isolated and overwhelmed 24/7 caregiver. This revised edition includes two 7-page, ready-reference articles that give information collected from hundreds of once-overwhelmed 24/7 care persons who wanted to give concrete, helpful messages to overwhelmed (or soon-to-be) 24/7 care persons and to persons in the community who are concerned about them. It also includes a foreword written by renowned physician Dr. Allen Power (author of Dementia Beyond Drugs), expanded resources including new sections such as Excellent Free Resources and Building a Supportive Community of Care, Cut and Post Cards, and many new exercises to enhance reader understanding and energize the spirit. more