Losing My Mind An Intimate Look at Life

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We are foolish, those of us who think we can escape the traps of aging, writes Tom DeBaggio. I was one of them, dreaming of a perfect and healthy old age....Now, at fifty-eight, I realize the foolishness of my dreams as I watch my brain self-destruct from Alzheimer's. Losing My Mind is DeBaggio's extraordinary account of his early onset Alzheimer's, a disease that silently hollows the brain and slowly gobbles memory and destroys life. But with DeBaggio's curse came an unexpected blessing: the ability to chart the mechanics and musings of his failing mind.

Whether describing the happy days of his youth or lamenting over the burden his disease has placed upon his loved ones, DeBaggio manages to inspire the reader with his ability to function, to think, and ultimately to survive. By turns an autobiography, a medical history, and a book of meditations, Losing My Mind is a testament to the splendor of memory and a triumphant celebration of the human spirit. ....read more

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