Alzheimer Diary A Wife’s Journal

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'The doctor tells me I have Alzheimer's.' The truth of my husband's words shook our world. This is my diary written for a time during the ten years of his spiral into another space.

There's no question Alzheimer's is a horror for those who are afflicted by it. But what about those who love them? This diary shows what Alzheimer's is like from the other side, the eyes and heart of a wife who is no longer only a wife but a caregiver. It is not an easy story. But that is how Alzheimer's is. Deep down you know this--you have felt the loss, frustration, anger, fatigue, and sorrow. You know what it is like when there doesn't seem to be an end in sight, each day like the last, only worse. But you don't have words for your feelings; you don't know what to do with the memories.

This book is for you.

Living on a farm, surrounded by goats, llamas, and sheep, the author writes about hope, despair, love, anger, frustration, and acceptance. In the end, she finds life. And you can too.

Alzheimer Diary: A Wife's Journal may help. If you don't know about Alzheimer's this book is also for you. It may open your eyes. more

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